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"i have known Chiron for many years and have a complete record of his predictions and astrological readings.  Chiron ranges from simple, astoundingly accurate, private astrology readings to remarking about future world events.  I always pay close attention, even when he’s in a general conversation, and take notes.


More important, Chiron has a true gift and has helped and guided me through many problematic and emotional events with his accuracy. He is a true friend who is dedicated to healing, helping, and truth."

-Elizabeth Joyce

(nationally known psychic)




Chiron is by far the best astrologer I have ever used. He combines his amazing knowledge of astrology with his accurate psychic sense and what you get is an amazing reading! He truly puts his heart and soul into his work, and each reading I have had with him has helped me to understand the timing of certain events in my life as well as helped me to plan ahead. He has always been reliably accurate on all levels. Get a pen and paper ready because you will get a ton of information that you will want to refer back to frequently. I still shake my head in amazement after one of his readings. Thank you Chiron for doing what you do!

- Debbie McGillivray

Animal Communicator and Author

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