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Debbie McGillivray Animal Communicator and Author




Elizabeth Joyce  Ascension Healing Practitioner/Teacher

Psychic Medium/ Writer/Author

Appeared on Unsolved Mysteries and Coast to Coast




Cari Roy New Orleans Psychic And Medium

named Best Psychic Medium In New Orleans By Travelchannel.Com




The Bottom of the Cup  Tea Room, New Orleans

Visit Otis Biggs




Joni Patry  International Vedic Astrologer, Consultant, Speaker, Writer




James Braha  Author /Hindu  Vedic Astrologer




Joyce Levine   Astrologer, Astrology Lecturer, Astrological Writer, Teacher




Alicia Bowling  Creative Laughter Product



Lisa Greenfield  Astrology & Hand Analysis




Astrodienst AG  The World's Best Horoscopes




Kepler College quality astrological education




The Mountain Astrologer  the best astrology magazine in the world




Solstice Point  Unique Perspectives on Astrology & Astrologer’s In Memoriam Page




The Magi Society   Astrology of Love and Sex/ Financial Astrology




Raymond A. Merriman  The Merriman Market Analyst




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