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A session with Chiron is an enlightening and re-assuring experience for the soul as well as offering a professional astrological and clairsentient consultation focused on your practical real-world needs. An astrological consultation should analyze and summarize your potential for success, happiness and your overall well-being.  


Particularly good times for an Astrological Consultation are; during a life crisis or when sensing a need for change, in order to explore career issues, seeking insights into relationships & family problems, parenting and understanding your children, separations, illnesses, relocations, and even when life is going well and you want to know how it will last.


A regular check-ins is also wise since it enables you to work through whatever cycles you’re going through at the moment.  With a little foreknowledge you can make the most of favorable cycles and mitigate the worst in unfavorable ones.


If you are interested in a personal consultation, please read the information on this page, and on the next page detailing consultation types, carefully. If you are interested in business or synastric astrological services, please contact us for further details on the information we need.


How do I schedule an initial session?


Click here to send me an email to ask for a session, or simply use the form provided on the 'Contact Us' page.  In order for your consultation appointment to be scheduled. Please follow the steps below before you do so. All requested information will need to be provided before an appointment will be scheduled. I'll email back dates and times of my availability over the subsequent couple of weeks. Scheduling may take a couple of email exchanges, but we'll find a day and time that works for us both.


Step 1:


This is the contact information needed for a reading. Please use the Contact form on the 'Contact Us' page to send us a message and submit your request.


-Your Name

-Your E-mail

-Your Phone Number

-Your Address (optional)

-Your Current Time Zone

-Your Date of Birth

-Your Time of Birth (as close to the exact minute as possible)

-Your Location of Birth ( meaning the town or city.

-Your Message ( if any, stipulating a special concern)



VERY IMPORTANT! Do not forget your email address (if you have one) and a telephone number in the event that we have to contact you.



Step 2:


Consultation Type

(select option below) for your private phone session.


Review the consultation type options below, and on the following page, to decide the type of session you would like to schedule. Then indicate your choice on the contact form in the field indicated.


-Natal Chart Reading  $150.00

-Natal Chart plus 6 month forecast (with Tarot) $225.00

-Returning client Update, fee by phone $100.00

-Synastry/Relationship Comparisons  $275.00

-Electional Astrology, selection of positive timing for life’s important events $90.00 (30     minutes)

-Tarot as Horary ( a single question update )  $70.00


All phone consultations include charts and MP3 download of our session via a voice-over-IP service. Your advanced payment for the session constitutes full agreement to the recording.






Special Parameters


Please provide the exact time, date and place of birth, plus any irregularities about your birth that you might know. It is critical to have the time of birth. You can obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the Office of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born. Not all birth certificates have the time of birth. Oftentimes family Bibles or other holy books were used to record births.


Please provide a general description of the areas of your life you would like to focus on in the space allowed on the selection page. Or indicate certain things you would like to hear about or have discussed during the consultation.


Sessions vary in length, the more complex options can run from one to two hours long.  The reading will last until you've taken in enough or until I've offered all the information I can for a single conversation.  All phone consultations include a copy of your chart and an MP3 download of our session. I record both sides of the conversation only with your permission. The recording is sent to you over the Internet as an MP3 or WMA file at no additional charge.  All charts accompany the consultation, either by PDF to your email address, or printed and mailed.

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