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My Biography

I have been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years. As a child though I was fascinated with astronomy and used to haunt the planetarium at Boston’s Museum of Science. When I first heard of astrology, I thought it was the same as astronomy, and in a way it is since astronomy derived from astrology. Astrology was essential to most ancient cultures whose seers gazed at the night sky and correlated the movements of the stars with events on earth. Actually, astronomy came from astrology. I was fascinated by the thought that the planets and the stars meant something other than what the good Franciscan sisters had taught me in my science classes.  


I was introduced to the topic in earnest by my sister.  Fourteen years older and sharing back to back Scorpionic birthdays she also became fascinated with the subject and began to take classes to learn not only how to cast a chart but what the complex mechanics of celestial movement could mean and how to interpret those movements in everyday life.  She studied with the legendary astrologer Frances Sakoian who was the author of 19 astrology texts including both The Astrologers Handbook and The Astrology of Human Relations, which became standards and remain so even to this day. Sakoian co-authored many more with Louis Acker, and she became Director of the New England School of Astrology and president of the New England Astrological Association, as well as a Board Member and Vice-President of the American Federation of Astrologers. She was the first U.S. teacher of an accredited course in astrology, which she taught at JFK University. She also taught a syndicated television series on astrology.


My sister also was introduced to Isabel Hickey of Boston, considered the Mother of American Astrology, and she still has several of Hickey’s hand written texts in her astrological library.  With her developing acumen, sis was able to advise me through my teen years about the cycles I would experience. She was rarely wrong. I decided to listen to a second source for this increasingly fascinating topic and became a client of Joyce Levine. Ms. Levine, whose career spans more than 35 years, is Clerk of the NCGR National Council for Geocosmic Research and is the President of its Boston Chapter. She has been a professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is the former President of the New England Astrological Association. In reading after reading over almost a decade Joyce was able to flawlessly interpret my chart and guide me through a hectic life spent in the business community.


I began to study the subject myself and through the early days of casting charts I watched as my family and friends went through their dramas and joys. I have read many charts for friends and family, and I was always totally ecstatic when the charts show what will happen in someone's life. I met nationally known psychic and astrologer Elizabeth Joyce in 1995 and we’ve remained friends ever since reading for each other and interpreting the cycles as they played out on the national and world stages. I often wrote astrological articles for her old web site under the nom du plume of Chiron, a name inherited from the Greek man/centaur God of healing and education. Elizabeth is a great teacher of the Tarot and through her I learned how to read the cards and now incorporate those into my astrological readings.


Over the years in my professional career in business I have relocated several times and have had the good fortune to reside in New Orleans and Los Angeles each for seven years. I became friends with and learned from dozens of professional psychic readers such as the acclaimed Cari Roy from The Bottom of the Cup, along with Otis and the late Adele and Ms. Lucy, to The Bodhi Tree Bookstore in LA to the great Yolanna Lassaw and Rosanna Rodgers. In turn I read for them as well as hundreds others over the years. It has never been my profession and I earn my living in other pursuits so for the longest time I’ve never felt it spiritually proper to charge fees for my abilities and have used my spiritual gifts to help others, whether it’s through individual readings or in synastric comparisons.


I believe I am still a student since there is so much more to learn in this pursuit. I continue to learn each and every day. Robert Hand, Ray Merriman, Bill Herbst, Bruce Scofield, Joni Patry and James T. Braha are inspirations. Occasionally, I study a chart with sadness, but comfort comes from the fact that the horoscope shows a purpose for events and how to work with them. The cosmic scheme of things really makes sense in the long run.   I fondly recall the signature sign off phrase of Daryl Martinie, The Cosmic Muffin, who broadcast his astro-radio reports on WBCN for almost thirty years. "It is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them.”

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