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Diversity Outreach



The special astrological needs of the gay community are unique and rarely addressed.  I am committed to a better understanding of those nuanced issues regarding the needs of gay people.  Astrology assists us as we struggle to make sense of our experiences and relationships.  I can help you towards a better understanding of those experiences. Whether you are struggling with your identity, your personal interactions, your commitments or life issues it can help to speak with someone who can identify on a personal level with some of the challenges of being an LGBTQ person.


I am able to help you toward achieving that better perspective that you may be seeking. I will work with you in a down-to-earth fashion, providing a safe space in which to explore identity, relationship, and emotional stresses that may be weighing on your mind. I utilize integrative methods, using a variety of approaches that fit your needs and goals whether through natal analysis, forecasts or synastry we can explore the forces at work in your life.

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