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A Summary of Astrological Indicators for the 2020 Election Season

I have avoided posting political ruminations on my site for a while now. The political landscape has been so disheartening that I’ve not wanted to focus on it. However at this point the cacophony, the dysfunction and the obvious disruption to good government co-joined with the train wreck of the Trump administration makes it very hard to avert one’s eyes. I have yet to do a full analysis of Donald Trump’s birth chart, probably because I’ve known more about him in actuality than the average citizen and most of my fellow astrologers. He is a dish best sampled in small bites. However his chart at this point in time is so wrapped up in the well being of the nation that it would be neglectful not to analyze it and offer some evaluation.

Donald Trump

  • As I have been predicting now for 2 years to friends and associates, trump is in trouble in so many ways. His astrology from now through 2020 is abysmal.

  • Trump has a handful of major aspects occurring now involving outer planets transits to his natal chart, and just as importantly in the US Sibley chart there are indications of additional issues.

  • The substantial pressure on Trump and his inner circle may be seen in the ongoing Saturn station, currently at ).Saturn rules the US 2nd house of money and finances where current The US 2nd house cusp is at 16Cap4 and transiting Saturn is about to enter it while squaring that ruler The has stymied all the administration’s plans across the board since the Sun rules the US 9th house of law and . As Saturn moves on it opposes the US Mercury, the co-ruler of the 9th since Virgo is intercepted. . The US progressed moon is at 15Cap53 also approaching that cusp, while Pluto is already in the US 2nd house. Transiting Jupiter and Transiting Pluto are squaring and inconjuncting the US natal Mars in the 7th house of partnerships (ruling the 4th), Transiting Neptune will station 2 degrees away from the US natal Neptune (22Virgo25) by opposition for several months in 2020 preceding the election.

  • If that isn’t enough in the US chart trump’s own chart, as mentioned, is tortured. Dramatically transiting Pluto is now moving forward from retrograde at 20Cap40 to Quincunx Trump’s natal Sun 22Gemini55 in the 10th ruling the 1st house on one side, and also Quincunxing his Natal Mars at 26Leo47 forming a Yod pattern.Additionally, Pluto is moving into a direct opposition to his natal Saturn 23Cancer48 in the 11th The Yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in with two semi sextile aspects too, just as here. The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated. Trump is incapable of that integration, so the affects will be dramatic.This is like a drowning man fighting for life while sharks circle around him, bringing even more attention from those sharks..

  • It gets worse, if that is possible. At the same time transiting Saturn will move up to oppose his natal 10th house Saturn 23Cancer48 during January 2020. To understand this aspect’s relevance in a native’s chart, one must analyze how the native handled those energies during Saturn’s conjunct the native’s natal Saturn 14 years ago, or what happened during the last square 7 years ago. Trump’s year in 2006 was packed with drama. The Apprentice was by 2006 past its prime, with ratings fading. Trump met both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal when the conjunction was exact with the affairs lasting into 2007. On Howard Stern’s radio show, Trump admitted to being a “sexual predator” and later stated “I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”During the last square in 2013/2014 Donald Trump said something he would come to regret during the Ms. Universe pageant he staged that year. He could not resist boasting. “I do have a relationship with Putin.”The 2013 pageant became a focal point for the simultaneous investigations, led by special counsel Robert Mueller and congressional committees, into whether associates of Trump colluded with Russian officials to help them win the 2016 US presidential election.His contacts with Aras Agalarov and other Russian oligarchs in attempts to finance the Trump Tower Moscow were front and center.Obviously Trump did not handle the old failures in his business and personal life very well then. In that regard on those issues and in his capacity as president, . Transiting Jupiter just opposed his natal Uranus, the ruler of the 7th, in his 10th house and will progress opposite his Node (20Gemini48); conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12), and opposite his Sun (22Gemini55), in short order, from October 11 to October 29 Transiting Saturn, as does transiting Pluto, both hit his natal Venus 25Cancer44 by opposition in January/February, and then again in August through October. Venus rules his 3rd and 10 th houses. They will move on to Quincunx his natal Mars 26Leo46. The next bullet encapsulates a summary of how I believe the deharmonized cacophony of this play will unfold.

Impeachment will proceed and the drama will move to the Senate. I detail some of the aspects with the minor players following this but I expect Giuliani and his minions to ultimately provide evidence as more of his illegal back dealings are discovered, as the investigations peel back his duplicity like peeling an onion, and his associates point fingers at him to save their own necks. Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney and others are implicated as they carried water for Trump during the run of the scheme. Enough evidence mounts that Senate Republicans, like with Nixon, and may have no choice but to consider removal. They will attempt to deflect and protect but those attempts become weaker, and they become exhausted offering weaker and weaker excuses as the public calls for impeachment in greater numbers. Nancy Pelosi will act as a power house stage manager of events behind the scenes through the House vote, only to be matched by Mitch McConnell’s power plays. Once the proceedings begin Mitch will work to torpedo the entire process except that Chief Justice Roberts will rein him in.

  • However Mitch cannot stop an act of God, as I expect Donald Trump to suffer some type of debilitating health issue.

  • Here are highlights:

  • Beginning in January 2020, Trump will begin to visibly manifest physical symptoms of some health issues as transiting Neptune moves to directly square his natal Uranus, the ruler of his 6th house of health. Every planet, sign and house in a native’s chart indicates some particular thing relative to health. In Trump’s chart currently there are so many stressors being set off it is hard to tell which will manifest. Note: Transiting Chiron, the ‘planet’ of health and healing is within orb to oppose Trump’s natal Neptune. Couple that with every single other outer planet transit making multiple stress aspects to his chart and it is not hard to predict a health crisis.

  • The most likely period of time for this to occur would be during a Senate proceeding and .Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will travel within 7 degrees of each other in late Capricorn igniting his natal Yod and opposing his Saturn/Venus..

Rudy Giuliani

  • By that time will have completed six pirouettes and a Mexican hat dance to avoid an indictment and prosecution. The Saturn/Pluto duo is also affecting his chart dramatically in a similar fashion to Trump.A glance at his natal chart would illustrate why he is such a wild card. With a stellium of four planets in Leo sextiling another four planet grouping almost all in Gemini with his Sun/Uranus conjunction exactly sextiling a Mars/Pluto conjunction.He is a walking box of grenades (thank you Mr. Bolton).Transiting Saturn and Pluto have been forming a transiting Yod to that configuration and are especially applying now to the Saturn/Moon sextile. As with Trump .To make for even further drama, transiting Uranus is directly squaring that Mars/Pluto conjunction acting as a match. Soon, transiting Jupiter will form a T square to square his natal Neptune and oppose his natal Saturn. That Pluto Quincunx Ceres is

Mike Pence

  • There is some difficulty inherent in interpretation for many of these characters since Trump is the only one reviewed in this analysis for which we have a birth time. The horoscopes for all the rest are cast in with time set at 12 noon. is no different, but really, what is going on here?Here we find several stelliums in his chart with the transiting duo of Saturn and Pluto forming a transiting Yod to key natal planets in his chart, inconjuncting his natal Sun/Mercury on one side and his natal Uranus on the other. There is an affinity with trump under the surface. In his case there is no anchor planet in direct opposition, however transiting Uranus is squaring his natal Venus/Mars conjunction while forming a T square by opposing his natal Neptune.Transiting T Squares are always tension filled no matter which planets are involved.To slather another layer of frosting on this planetary cupcake, transiting Neptune is directly squaring his natal Sun/Mercury and will stay in force for six months when it goes direct in November, all while transiting Jupiter will be opposing that Sun/Mercury duo.So, Pence will be dragged into this mess. but also political relationships that can both help and hinder his political survival. He may not see the machinations of others at this time, but Yet he will be under tremendous pressure from the situation. . What could that possibly be? If he Pence is also impeached and convicted in the Senate and with Trump then out of the picture Nancy Pelosi would become President. With his progressed Sun/Mercury conjuncting his natal Uranus while his progressed Moon semi-sextiles he could keep the seat warm while planning his presidential library and organizing speaking tours.

The Democrats

  • What is happening on the other side while all this is going on? Let’s take a quick look at the key players.

  • Unabashedly, of all the Democrats running, Joe Biden has the best stars.He is not negatively affected by transiting Pluto/Saturn and unlike the Republicans, no Yods.Admittedly he has been under some tension aspects due to Uranus stationed by conjunction on his natal Moon, squaring off to his natal Pluto.The Moon can signify many things in a chart.It usually relates to a woman.A mother, wife or daughter, feminine energy of some kind. Think of the Moon as that which gives us animation. It rules rhythmic ebb and flow of activity and energy. The Moon rules our spontaneous reactions and feelings, our emotional self. As Grant Lewi, in Astrology for the Millions, so evocatively wrote; the moon is “the esoteric picture of yourself that you can’t get across to the world, or which the world doesn’t comprehend or value – these are the products of the Moon in your horoscope. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is betrayed.” It also can symbolize the public in general and public perception. With Uranus stationed there Joe has at times appeared emotional, unsure, sedate, and with that square to Pluto, which is generational, he like others in that age bracket is feeling a bit out of touch with the need to clear out elements in one’s life that are no longer useful. It isn’t a crippling, or even an unfortunate aspect, and as 2020 progresses it moves off allowing a series of positive transits to manifest. Very shortly transiting Jupiter will trine that very natal moon and quincunx that Pluto. That transiting Saturn/Pluto duo will sextile Joe’s Mars/Mercury/Sun/Venus stellium while transiting Neptune will be trining them. When Jupiter and Mars join up with Saturn and Pluto in 2020 they will also be sextiling the stellium. More impressively by April/May, Saturn and Mars will have edged into Aquarius and will set up a Grand Trine to Joe’s natal Neptune and Uranus while Venus conjuncts his Saturn, which could very well seal the nomination. Saturn will also square his Moon which I feel this time could be a health issue which is kept under wraps. As will shortly be mentioned, this may compel Joe to make a decision, if elected, to serve one term. Beyond that glancing at January 2021, the next inauguration, transiting Jupiter and Mercury will have joined Saturn in that Grand Trine indicting he could win.

  • For Elizabeth Warren, I do not see anything overtly positive sustained in her chart. Conversely by April/May transiting Saturn will sit by conjunction on her natal Jupiter, which is a pessimistic indicator. However by January 2021 Jupiter will join with Saturn to add some potential benefits, so she may indeed end up as Biden’s VP (and in 2024 by April with Pluto on her Jupiter, Jupiter on her Moon, and Saturn trining Venus she could slide into higher office).

  • For Pete Buttigieg, there is a mixed bag. Note Pluto is affecting him dramatically since it is moving into a position where it will Square his natal Pluto, never a pleasant time, and apply within 5 degrees to a conjunction to his Sun. As with the other individuals whose charts we have explored here, we have no birth time for Pete, and hence no houses to take into consideration, nor rulership's to indicate which areas of life this will impact the most. Pete's natal Pluto and his natal Saturn lie within a 4 degree conjunction in Libra. Pluto retrogrades half the year and moves slowly. The impact of this is heavy since by transit Pluto will affect his natal Sun, Pluto and Saturn over the next three and a half years. Pluto's influences are not pleasant and at best can indicate degrees of death, destruction and rebirth from the ashes, Phoenix like. Here I am also mindful that transiting Saturn is in play with these same planets, albeit for a shorter time frame. It will square its natal self as well as natal Pluto and then conjunct the Sun. The interaction with the Sun is an either or proposition. It can bring rewards or stress and is reflective of what occurred in the natives life 14 years ago when Saturn opposed the Sun. Pete was at Oxford in 2005, so whatever challenges he overcame or not would be reflective of the current theme. However as it affects his candidacy, one would have to consider the strong impact of Pluto in sync with this transit. He does have some benefit from transiting Chiron and Jupiter, but not impactful enough to mute that Pluto/Saturn duo. In March, as with trump, Jupiter and Mars will join with Pluto and Saturn to all impact his Sun. He may do quite well in one or two of the early primaries, probably New Hampshire or Nevada, only to fall behind later in South Carolina. Super Tuesday could be a mixed bag for him as the reality of a gay candidacy will grow, and the real potential defeat in the electoral college becomes problematic.

  • I have not analyzed other Democrats who could potentially be candidates for the vice presidency.TBD

  • Currently Nancy Pelosi has a Grand Trine in effect set with transiting Saturn and Pluto in aspect to her Uranus/Venus/Mars and then Neptune natal placements. Bolstered by Neptune conjuncting natal Mercury trining the Moon, and by Uranus conjuncting natal Saturn, she is a force to be reckoned with. She will stage manage events with the precision of a prima ballerina with the flair of an orchestra conductor. She could probably waltz into the presidency herself but with transiting Chiron sitting on her Sun, and the Progressed Sun exactly squaring her natal Neptune, it is not her choice for this stage in her life. ( Unless of course she had to )

  • One last note. No one should underestimate the deviousness and sheer obsessively controlling disposition of Mitch McConnell. He has a natal Grand trine with a stellium in Taurus.His natal Pluto sits opposite a natal Venus/Mercury conjunction with Jupiter trining that Mercury exactly.The transiting duo of Saturn and Pluto will be trining those natal Taurus planets and also trining his natal Neptune. The old fox will use every trick in the book to protect his interests and could be the spoiler.The proverbial worm in the apple pie.

Following is a number of charts for the characters described in the preceding pages:

Rudy Giuliani

Mike Pence

Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren

Pete Buttigieg

Nancy Pelosi

Mitch McConnell

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