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Posted: November 4th, 2020 @12:30 AM

I am posting this entry late since I’ve worked on this the past several days and noticed new elements that affected my predictions. As I write this the election is till hanging, as we wait for the results in several states.

Last year in October of 2019 I posted an analysis of the upcoming election landscape on my blog. In reviewing my predictions I was heartened to see that I came pretty close on most of my predictions. I believe I was one of the very few who predicted Joe Biden would get the Democratic Party’s nomination and that Donald Trump would suffer an incredibly difficult year in many venues. Here is a quick, bulleted review of the highlights of those predictions with current comments on my own accuracy appended in red italic. Following this I will look ahead for the next four months to see how the situation unfolds. It will continue to be a turbulent time.

Here is the review of last years predictions:

  • current indicators are pointing to erratic downturns in the markets….. which bodes continual pressure on the markets. Obviously due to the Pandemic the markets suffered losses during the 2nd quarter of the year, notably in late March.

  • the courts will continue to rule against trump. This has happened with enough regularity to note as significant.

  • The impeachment scenario in December will be cascading back and forth legally to every possible venue. The Impeachment process proceeded through committees in the House where Trump became only the 3rd President impeached and suffered trial in the senate.

  • indicating a betrayal by the US of some kind and hard adjustments in policy with the potential for hostilities. Literally as I was writing the original analysis in October 2020, Trump had rolled the Kurds under the bus. It wasn’t his only betrayal. He cut funding for the World Health Organization just as the pandemic was building steam, and imposed tariffs on Canada, while undermining other allies to the point of severe abrasion.

  • election creating confusion and disillusionment in the citizenry with a significant portion of the country demotivated by events. Trump refuses to state he would follow convention and accept defeat at the polls and instead undermines the Post Office, casts doubt on mail in ballots and threatens to resolve the election through the courts.

  • This is like a drowning man fighting for life while sharks circle around him, bringing even more attention from those sharks. He will flail, gulp water and go under several times before the inevitable. The entire year of 2020 has been marked by trump flailing to minimize the pandemic, fighting to create a faux issue around Hunter Biden and creating one false narrative after another.

  • ·In that regard on those issues and in his capacity as president, he is not well equipped to handle the strains of the current circumstances. As consequence, I expect a number of issues to manifest in order beginning with his marriage. While public indications that the marriage is on thin ice, other situations from the inability to walk down a ramp, to rumors of mini strokes, to missed communication on the Covid response with an incoherent suggestion of drinking bleach, to several times where the 25th amendment was a suggested remedy, to shocking performance at the 1st debate.

  • Impeachment will proceed and the drama will move to the Senate. Enough evidence mounts that Senate Republicans, like with Nixon, and may have no choice but to consider removal. They will attempt to deflect and protect but those attempts become weaker, and they become exhausted offering weaker and weaker excuses as the public calls for impeachment in greater numbers. He was impeached and the venue was the senate where Mitch McConnell stage managed a strong defense. Not weak at all.

  • ·I expect Donald Trump to suffer some type of debilitating health issue. Beginning in January 2020, Trump will begin to visibly manifest physical symptoms of some health issues as transiting Neptune moves to directly square his natal Uranus, the ruler of his 6th house of health. My gut is telling me it could be a stroke. Several health issues had manifested beginning with the secret trip to Walter Reed in December 2019, with other concerns through the year until his Covid diagnosis.

  • With Rudy Giuliani there is a planetary body in opposition and that is Ceres, indicating the possibility of destroying everything in his path in order to regain what was lost; respect, reputation, and freedom. It could be said that Giuliani’s public persona has taken a major hit starting with his nefarious Ukrainian stunts, the Hunter Biden ‘hard drive’ and culminating in a stunning compromised situation with an apparent 15 year old ‘journalist’ during the filming of Borat2,, with Rudy’s hands down his trousers.

  • Giuliani will be aggressive, defensive and explosive during this whole period which will not assist Trump’s defense. As just noted above, where during several interviews on air with Cuomo, Fox News and elsewhere he became verbally antagonistic to the nth degree.

  • Authorities will arrest Giuliani and shatter his illusions of impervious invulnerability. Hasn’t happened yet but he is under investigation by the Southern District and the FBI.

  • with Giuliani’s Progressed Sun sometime next year about to conjunct his natal Jupiter he may get a get out of jail free card. That remains to be seen.

  • Regarding Pence; all his relationships will be under tremendous tension, including with his wife but also political relationships that can both help and hinder his political survival. He may not see the machinations of others at this time, but that transiting Jupiter does afford some luck in deal making.. I seem to have missed my mark on Pence so far; however he was appointed head of the Task Force on Covid where he inevitably was caught between the medical professionals and Trump. He also was forced to be as benign as possible while defending the administration in some absurd circumstances.

  • Unabashedly, of all the Democrats running, Joe Biden has the best stars. as 2020 progresses it moves off allowing a series of positive transits to manifest. Quite accurate.

  • April/May, Saturn and Mars will have edged into Aquarius and will set up a Grand Trine to Joe’s natal Neptune and Uranus while Venus conjuncts his Saturn, which could very well seal the nomination. Again, quite accurate. I was one of the very few prognosticators to hold that prediction.

  • Saturn will also square his Moon which I feel this time could be a health issue which is kept under wraps. As will shortly be mentioned, this may compel Joe to make a decision, if elected, to serve one term. Suspected but yet to manifest, but I will say more on this with my predictions for the next 6 months.

  • Beyond that glancing at January 2021, the next inauguration, transiting Jupiter and Mercury will have joined Saturn in that Grand Trine indicting he would win. As of this writing he leads in all the major polls.

  • For Elizabeth Warren, I do not see anything overtly positive sustained in her chart. Conversely by April/May transiting Saturn will sit by conjunction on her natal Jupiter, which is a pessimistic indicator. When I had written the analysis Warren was a major candidate who was considered a favorite. She faded right on the predicted timing.

  • For Pete Buttigieg as it affects his candidacy, one would have to consider the strong impact of Pluto in sync with this transit. He does have some benefit from transiting Chiron and Jupiter, but not impactful enough to mute that Pluto/Saturn duo. In March, as with trump, Jupiter and Mars will join with Pluto and Saturn to all impact his Sun. He may do quite well in one or two of the early primaries, probably New Hampshire or Nevada, only to fall behind later in South Carolina. Super Tuesday could be a mixed bag for him as the reality of a gay candidacy will grow, and the real potential defeat in the Electoral College becomes problematic. That prediction was another one right on the money.

  • Currently Nancy Pelosi is a force to be reckoned with. She will stage manage events with the precision of a prima ballerina with the flair of an orchestra conductor. She did.

  • One last note. No one should underestimate the deviousness and sheer obsessively controlling disposition of Mitch McConnell. He has a natal Grand trine with a stellium in Taurus. His natal Pluto sits opposite a natal Venus/Mercury conjunction with Jupiter trining that Mercury exactly. The transiting duo of Saturn and Pluto will be trining those natal Taurus planets and also trining his natal Neptune. The old fox will use every trick in the book to protect his interests and could be the spoiler. The proverbial worm in the apple pie. He certainly has been that worm, stage managing the impeachment defense and lining up Trump’s Scotus picks as he flagrantly and hypocritically positioned Amy Coney Barret.

If I failed to review any other of my major predictions herein then it was intentional, so as not to focus on minor comments, since I wish to move onto a new analysis for what is upcoming. So here we go:

This will not be smooth sailing. I completely adhere to my prediction of last year that Joe Biden will win election. Actually, I have stated elsewhere that he would with popular vote by 11 million and carry three more states than Hillary in 2016. Two states will be too close to call with recounts dragging into December due to a histrionic Trump who will act like nothing short of a serial killer on a spree. Moreover the Democrats will keep the house and win the Senate picking up four seats. If all that wasn’t drama enough the astrology for Trump, Biden and the country itself is troublesome into 2021 and will play out with the pandemic raging.


  • Let’s look at the Us Sibley chart to start out once again. The pressure on Trump, his administration, and the country is ongoing with that crucial Saturn transit having slowly moved Direct at the end of September and currently posited at 26Capricorn16 the day before the election. This is conjunct the US natal 2nd house Pluto (27 Capricorn33) and in opposition to the US natal Mercury (24Cancer12), Vertex and Part of Fortune (both at 26 Cancer). Natal Saturn rules the US 2nd house of money and finances and Transiting Saturn is in that House, where current indicators, mostly Covid related, still point to erratic downturns in the markets. The natal Mercury it is opposing is posited in the US 8th house of other people’s money, indicating no movement to consider another stimulus package until these aspects separate later in the month. The aspect to natal Pluto points to much behind the scenes maneuvering. Since Pluto rules the 12th which is not only secret dealings but also commands rulership over confined places like hospitals, it is likely that immense stress on the US hospital systems from the pandemic will reach critical levels in many regions. To make all this worse, retrograde, transiting Mercury is still in a station square to Saturn, only moving direct tomorrow. This is in play for several days. This creates extra drama and stress while several states go through a slow counting process, then a slow recount. It could be up to a week before we have some idea how the election will swing regarding the Electoral College. Then transiting Saturn also conjuncts the US natal Pluto November 6th to 27th which could initiate behind the scenes legal maneuvering not only in courts but in state legislatures to try to void entire slates of electors.

  • Another indicator to watch closely is transiting Mars’ movement to station/direct over the days leading to 11/14. Retrograde Mars is always pretty nasty in and of itself, however this time it will do so in opposition to the US natal Saturn in the 10th, the US progressed Mars also in the 10th and also applying to a square to the US natal Sun, ruling the US 9th house of law. Joining a cardinal Mars will be a transiting Venus in cardinal Libra conjuncting that natal Saturn and squaring the Sun, setting up a transiting T square (but also a looser but still energized cardinal Grand Cross by factoring in the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn transiting stelliun. I expect several court cases in federal courts of appeal, and the SCOTUS taking up a legal issue regarding the status of ballots in several states. Considering both Trump and Biden’s transits I expect split decisions favoring each candidate in different state cases. I also expect the death toll from the virus to increase once again.

  • This Mars station will, in all probability, wreck some havoc in several localities where Mars would aspect state or city charts. Meaning that it is likely that there will be tense interactions and some violence, at least until Mars turns direct on the 14th. It is also possible that the recounts and court cases will drag on until then.

  • Of more than some concern would be the conjunction of transiting Mars with transiting Uranus at 6 Taurus on January 20th, inauguration day. That could forebode some act that could happen spontaneously or some situation that would be erratic or might cause unwanted surprises. Exactness doesn’t occur till after 3 PM so that is passed the swearing in but if there is a parade, which is unlikely ( due to Covid), or something as part of the celebratory series of events could occur, or some counter protests by disappointed magas. One other possibility is that Trump refuses to participate in the ceremony if he loses, and creates some sort of hissy-fit that is public. The worst case scenario could be some kind of attack on the new president, since (as detailed in the next bullet) Tr. Jupiter and Tr. Saturn will be at 7 and 4 Aquarius respectively, forming a transiting T square to Biden’s natal Pluto at 7 Leo in the 7th ruling the 10th.

  • Transiting Jupiter and Tr. Saturn also conjunct on the 21st of December at 0 Aquarius. This is called the Great Conjunction. This happens on average every 19 years and is considered by astrologers to be linked to the rise and fall of Kings, leaders and notable people. (The biblical Star of Bethlehem may very well have been the great conjunction of 7 B.C.) In the US chart these two conjunct the Progressed Moon while forming a quincunx to the US natal Venus. In Biden’s chart they will square his natal Moon, while trining his natal Uranus. These could correlate to the tension and disruption of having dealt with the recounts and court challenges while also trying to assemble a new government. It could also be an illness of some type. It could be his own exhaustion or weariness or it could manifest as an illness around him. With the Moon involved and Cancer on the 7th house cusp, it is MORE likely that it is an illness of Dr. Jill or of his sister, Valerie. I am hoping that the trines to Uranus give strength and luck and if that is so, she recovers quickly.

  • · Several other transits of note should be mentioned in the US Sibley. Transiting Uranus will co-join Mars to square the US North Node while Jupiter and Saturn oppose it. This predominately occurs in January/February of 2021 and however the new administration forms there will be some dramatic changes to the existing status quo almost immediately, and things could get rebellious.

  • · A major occurrence in the US Sibley chart begins to take effect in 2021 and will be in play more powerfully over the next 3/4 years, and that is the nation’s Pluto return. It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the Sun. So it was in 1775/1776 when Pluto was last in this position. The next three years will be an opportunity for the country to fulfill the original intent of the Founders. The Founding Fathers enshrined the lofty ideals for a truly democratic system of government based on the principles of equality and majority rule. In this new democracy all power would be derived from the People. The country has not always lived up to those ideals and still is in the process of affording rights and protections to those who were marginalized, omitted or totally ill-considered in 1775. We will have a chance to finally fix the issues that were overlooked and omitted. What needs to change or transformed? What needs to be honored? This will happen since for the 1st time since Lyndon Johnson, Truman and FDR the nation will have a Democrat in the White House and a fully democratically controlled Congress. I expect a series of innovative measures, beginning with the restructuring of the Supreme Court and legislatively progressing towards a national health plan, criminal justice reform, actions towards addressing climate change, banking reform, reparations for racial economic equality, changes to tax laws and other legislation culminating around the Grand Earth trine in the Sibley with transiting Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, trining the US natal Neptune and Pluto in 2024, ahead of the next election.

  • · Also in 2021 transiting Uranus partners up with transiting Saturn to square each other mid-2021. This aspect is one usually associated with economic hardships and financial difficulty, and was a prominent aspect in play from 1929 to 1933 during the depression. While it heightens and impacts market and monetary recession, it also stimulates spontaneous energy that can engender high productivity but also table some highly unusual solutions. This square is in play 3 times during the year, so it is a traditional outer planet retrograde “play” in three acts. It is likely that the virus comes back in yet another wave during the 1st pass, while a vaccine is implemented during the 2nd and some resolution to the pandemic happening during the 3rd.

  • · Additionally, beginning in February transiting Neptune will oppose the US natal Neptune while squaring off to the US natal Mars. This transit, slowed by retrogradation will remain in effect all through 2021. Neptune is a slow moving planet. It takes 165 years to orbit the Sun. Its effects are usually hidden or obscured. The last time in US history that the opposition occurred was in 1857 as Buchanan assumed office. The most significant issue in that 1st year for him was the Dred Scott ruling by the US Supreme Court. With Mars involved this time it is pretty obvious that the court will become a major issue all year as the Democrats grapple with how to balance the court all while the new conservative court wrecks some havoc with any number of issues on the docket.


  • Donald Trump has had horrid stars all year, and for the time being that doesn’t get much better for him. If the US chart isn’t dramatic enough, Trump’s own chart at the moment is tortured. All through the year 2020 we have experienced a dramatic and powerful stellium; Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This combo foretells a powerful shift in not only consciousness, but also in the power structure, financial markets and international interactions. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is cyclical, as detailed earlier and happens every twenty years. It has usually coincided with the death or the assassination of a president of the United States since 1840. Add Pluto into the mix with this conjunction and the effects become exponentially greater. The energy of this triple whammy has and continues to reverberate throughout the world and has created some extreme situations, the most dramatic being the Covid pandemic and its resulting cultural and financial havoc.

  • In 2020, Mars sashayed into the mix in Capricorn in February and slammed into the stellium enhancing the drama and lit a fuse of over-reactions to the public health measures, the lockdowns and the already simmering racial animus in the United States, triggered by the murder of George Floyd. There has been an insidious rise in violence during the twenty years with white supremacy, anti-Semitism, mass shootings, outrageous political rhetoric, religious fundamentalism, sectarian wars and extreme terrorism. Mars also acts as a trigger to the energies of the larger, outer planets. On the 14th of November it is about to go direct from its retrogradation and apply by square once again to the stellium, and it will also trigger elements in Trump’s chart.

  • The transit of Saturn opposite Trump’s Venus, which had been in play all year, continued till the 3rd week of October and it massively affected public perception of him especially in the wake of his disastrous performance during the 1st debate. In the meantime transiting Jupiter and Pluto remain in a tight orb in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus. In November, till the end of the year, Pluto is in a tight opposition to that natal Saturn culminating just before Christmas, indicating Santa has left him nothing but coal in his Christmas stocking. Tr. Mars in Aries squares that Pluto forming a T square, up almost to Christmas Eve, which won’t be all that merry. I will mention the eclipses shortly but these transits correspond with a major solar eclipse affecting Trump. This suggests that any court challenges to election results will not go in his favor since that natal Venus rules trump’s 3rd and 10th houses of communication/mental thinking and career/status/power. This suggests that Trump will enter a dark period of depression. It also suggests that the transition will not go well for him personally since various jurisdictions may position inquiries into his affairs and as the Democrats prepare to take control of the Congress they ready multiple investigations into his administration.

  • Transiting Jupiter also has great impact in November as it opposes that natal Saturn first, then Venus. Jupiter had been transiting Trump’s 5th house which has given him grandiose verbal impetus which could have been beneficial if used wisely. However wisdom is not an attribute one can associate with Trump. That combined with the oppositions affect his marriage (which I had predicted last year) and relationships with one or more of his children as he lashes out and tries to assign blame. He will caterwaul, overeat, and probably move to sabotage the transition.

  • Trump will also have Jupiter and Pluto in quincunx to his Sun in November, which will contribute to his shoot from the pants exacerbating his erratic intuition and disposition. He will act in subterfuge to try to negate any disadvantage he feels is in his way. He will howl like a wolf trying to stoke his minions until it becomes obvious he needs to pack his bags, kicking and screaming all the way. This all inclines towards chaos and total disruption by Trump. Jupiter and Pluto will also quincunx his natal Mars, and soon after his ascendant, forming a transiting Yod with that Sun. As I stated last year, the Yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in with two semi sextile aspects too, just as here. The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated. Trump is incapable of that integration, so the affects will be dramatic. This is like a drowning man fighting for life while sharks circle around him, bringing even more attention from those sharks. He will flail, gulp water and go under several times before the inevitable. He will be forced to make many personal changes in behavior due to some incident which as I predicted last year, could again be his health. His position is in serious jeopardy with serious consequences. Trump’s also has Tr Neptune in opposition to his Progressed Moon, a very mentally disorienting transit.

  • Every planet, sign and house in a native’s chart indicates some particular thing relative to health. In Trump’s chart currently there are so many stressors being set off it is hard to tell which will manifest. Note: Transiting Chiron, the ‘planet’ of health and healing is now opposing Trump’s natal Neptune AND squaring his natal Mercury. Not only does this foretell some tax and financial issues but also health concerns involving blood and mental acuity. Couple that with every single other outer planet transit making multiple stress aspects to his chart and it is not hard to predict a health crisis.

  • Ok. Now let’s look at the upcoming eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse on November 30th at Gemini 8 corresponds with a transiting Sagittarius Sun quincunxing Tr. Uranus (and also the US’s natal Uranus) and Trump’s natal Mercury staging another Yod. No matter what, there is a lot of loud chatter and argument in the wake of this election.

  • The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 14th December, on the very day when the Electoral College convenes, falls opposing the US Mars and squaring the US Neptune. It also conjuncts Trump’s Moon and opposes his Sun. There will be fights, arguments and high emotions involved. For Trump this will challenge his perception of self and challenge everything he has believed in his life as fundamental. The Eclipse in opposition to his Sun is a significant crisis since this is the ‘essential’ Trump in the throes of his own failures. A note to keep in mind is that the effects of eclipses can last for up to two years. So this influence imprints on the chart and the psyche and affects the individual for a longtime. I tend to believe that Trump will suffer some other health crisis either mental or physical. If it is mental he could feel suicidal as he faces defeat, legal issues and financial loss. If it is physical, then my prediction of last year, where I thought a stroke was possible is still viable.


  • As mentioned earlier Tr. Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin at 0 Aquarius squaring his natal Moon, while trining his natal Uranus and Neptune. These could correlate to the tension and disruption of having dealt with the recounts and court challenges while also trying to assemble a new government. It could also be an illness of some type. It could be his own exhaustion or weariness or it could manifest as an illness around him. With the Moon involved and Cancer on the 7th house cusp, it is MORE likely that it is an illness of Dr. Jill or of his sister, Valerie. I am hoping that the trines to Uranus/Neptune give strength and luck and if that is so, she recovers quickly. His progressed Moon will also be squared to his natal Saturn. This is an internal emotional progression which reinforces the suspicion that he will be dealing with some emotional concern, probably to do with a woman.

  • He’ll also experience stress from Tr Uranus square his natal Pluto till the 19th of December. This could either be the assumption of power under difficult circumstances or it could combine with that Saturn aspect to indicate a major emotional change which could be rather personal and internal. With that square to Pluto, which is generational, he like others in that age bracket is feeling a bit out of touch with the need to clear out elements in one’s life that are no longer useful. It isn’t a crippling, or even an unfortunate aspect, but he is dealing with sorting through what will still be useful to him in the challenges forthcoming.

  • Biden also has several somewhat positive progressions in play; his progressed Venus quincunx his natal Pluto, and his progressed Moon quincunx natal Pluto, both of which have some critical influences, but also add some attention getting attraction to his persona. His debate performances were able to dispute the insidious insinuation that he was suffering early dementia, which he was able to deftly lay to rest.

  • Joe is having strong influences from January 26th to late February with Tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter. That imparts drive and motivation to succeed. The will be no question on who will take charge. Moreover his long time associations in DC will allow him to strike some surprising compromises to get some tough legislation done. Additionally in an interesting switcheroo transiting Jupiter will oppose his Pluto culminating 47 years of political achievement which could indicate some pretty aggressive arm twisting in filling certain positions and working with the remnants of the Republican party.

  • ·If he survives and is alive after that depressing December, he looks strong and in command through the year with the exception of Tr. Uranus opposition his Mars. This could play out in some foreign action or an internal fight, most likely with the left side of the Democratic Party who would like more aggressive action on some issue and might try pressuring him to act with a swift and unmerciful reaction from him.

  • Very shortly transiting Jupiter will square his natal moon which is actually positive and enter into a Tr. Grand Air trine with both Uranus and Neptune. These ties in his 1st, 2nd and 7th houses into the trine aspect allowing him to work efficiently with Pelosi to pass another stimulus and allocate some resources to bolster the markets during the projected downturn due to the Saturn/Uranus square.

  • Joe will also have several pleasant sextiles which add some good vibes to his overall influences. That transiting Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter trio will sextile Joe’s Mars//Sun/Venus stellium while transiting Neptune will be trining his Mercury.


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